Final Selection

Dong-Geun YooKorea

Association of Broadcasting Artists President

  • Starred in Dramas ‘What's With This Family’, ‘Jeong Do-Jeon’, ‘Childless Comfort’, ‘The
    Age of Heroes’, ‘Wife’, ‘Empress Myeongseong’, ‘Legendary Ambition’, ‘Tears of the
    Dragon’, ‘Lovers’ etc.
  • Starred in Movies ‘Marrying the Mafia’, ‘Who's Got the Tape?’, ‘Crazy First Love’ etc.
  • Won the KBS Drama Awards 1997, 2002, 2014
  • Won the Korean Pop Culture and Art Awards: Prime Minister's Award
  • Won the 25th Korea Broadcasting Awards: Best TV Actor etc.
  • Seoul Institute of the Arts, Theater Major
  • SDA 2016 Head of the Jury

Soo-yeol YooKorea

Korea Drama Production Association Senior Adviser

  • Directed MBC 'When You Laugh, Blessings Will Come'
  • Former Executive Production Director, MBC Former President, MBC Chuncheon
  • Former CEO, LOGOS FILM Producer, Media Park
  • SDA 2015-16 Final Selection Judge
  • Seoul National University, French Major

Cynthia FennemanUSA

American Public Television President & CEO

  • Discovery Health Channel – Major Projects Executive
  • A&E, PBS, APT – Executive Producer
  • New Hampshire Public Television – Director of Broadcasting
  • Philadelphia KYW-TV – Senior Producer ㅣ Producer, Evening Magazine
  • San Francisco KPIX-TV Talk Show ‘People Are Talking’ - Producer
  • Baltimore WJZ-TV Sports Producer, Eyewitness News
  • SDA 2012 Final Selection Jury member, International Emmy’s Jury member, Banff World Media Festival Jury Member

Jennifer BattyU.K

RTL CBS ASIA EVP Programming

  • RTL CBS Asia – EVP Programming
  • RTL Group Germany – Content and Territory Consultant
    -Consult on Asian territory strategy
    -Multi Channels Asia Singapore – Content and Territory Consultant
  • Star TV – Vice President, Programming, Star World
  • Viasat Broadcasting – Head of Programming, Pay TV

Liselott ForsmanFinland

YLE Drama International Projects Executive Producer

  • YLE – Executive Producer International Drama
  • EBU(European Broadcasting Union) - Presidency ㅣ Fiction Expert Group
  • Nordic Film & TV Fund – Board Member
  • Northvision – Drama Co-producer
  • YLE – Executive Producer TV Drama
    - Radio Fiction, Experimental Play - Sceenwriter
    - Crossover, Culture, Entertainment, Drama – Producer
  • INPUT TV – Presenter in the Fiction Category
  • INPUT, Rose d’Or, International Emmy Jury member, C21 International Drama Awards Jury member, SDA 2017 Final Selection Jury Member

Shizuo MasudaJapan

NHK Drama Programs Division Production Center Director & Producer

  • NHK Drama – Director and Script Developper of NHK Drama’s ‘Beauty and the Fellow’, ‘64’, ‘Hanako and Anne’, ‘Yae’s Sakura’, ‘First Love’, ‘Sunshine’
  • NHK Special Documentary – Director of ‘Following the money: Path of the Isahaya Bay reclamation project
  • Directed Radio Drama ‘ Bird’
  • NHK Broadcasting Division Regional Programming – Planned and produced regional dramas, Directed music programs

Isabelle WuTaiwan

National Taiwan University of Arts Dept. of Motion Picture Professor

  • National Taiwan University of Art, Motion Picture Department - Director
  • Shi-Shin University – Assistant Professor
  • The Golden Horse Film Awards, Taipei Film Festival, Taipei Digital Design Awards, National Fine Art Prize – Jury Member
  • Golden Lion International Student Film Festival - Curator
Preliminary SCREENING

Byeong-Taek KangKorea

Head of Drama Business Department, KBS

  • Planned "Assembly"
  • Directed "Jeongdo-Jeon", "Man From Equator", "The Great Merchant Man-Deok Kim", "Sea God", and "Drama City"
  • Received the Producer Award at the 41st Korean Broadcasters Award

Young-Joo ParkKorea

TV Writer, Korean TV&Radio Writers Association

  • Executive Director at Korean TV & Radio Writers Association
  • Won the Outstanding Writer at the KBS Radio scenario competition
  • Directed KBS TV Novel 'The Way'
  • Board Member of Korea Media Rating Board
  • Joint production with China CCTV 'Modern Family'

Jason BechervaiseU.K.

Film Critic/Journalist

  • U.K. <Screen International> Korea Expert Critic
  • Film Columnist at the Korea Times
  • TBS eFM Film Critic
  • Arirang TV&Radio, EBS Film Critic
  • Preliminary Judge at the Wild Flower Film Awards (2016)
  • Preliminary Judge at the Olleh International Smart Phone Film Festival (2013)
  • Ph.D. in Film at Hanyang University
  • SDA 2016 Preliminary Juror

Kyeong-Soo ShinKorea

Deputy Director of Drama Division, SBS

  • Directed SBS ‘The Roots of Throne’, ‘3 Days’, ‘I Like You’, ‘Deep-Rooted Tree’
  • Assisted in directing SBS ‘I am Legend’, ‘Will it Snow for Christmas?’, ‘Wife's Temptation’, ‘Yeon Gae Somun’
  • SDA 2016 Golden Bird Prize in Serial Drama Category for 'The Roots of Throne'

Dong-Kwan KimKorea

Head of Production Planning Division,EBS

  • EBS Organization Planning Manager, Head of International Cooperation
  • Produced Documentaries such as ‘History, That Doesn't Speak the Truth’, ‘Japan-Korea Treaty and 100 years of Truth’, ‘People seeking for the Korean Language’
  • Produced Educational Programs such as ‘Experiencing University in Advance’, ‘Science Eye’
  • SDA 2016 Management Committee

Arndt RÖskensGermany

Goethe-Institut Korea, Head of Cultural Department of the East Asian Region

  • Head of Cultural Development, Brazilian Goethe-Institut
  • CEO of Brazilian Production Zipper Producoes
  • Member of the Selection Committee, Program Development – Brazil Rio International Film Festival
  • Program Organization, Planning Assistance – Germany Berlin International Film Festival
  • Judge – Rio de Jeneiro International Short-Film Festival, Selection Committee Sao Paolo International Short-Film Festival, Judge – Mix Brasil Film Festival
  • SDA 2016 Final Selection Juror

Yisup ChoiKorea

Producer Head of 2nd Drama Division, MBC

  • Deputy director of MBC Drama department
  • Director of MBC Drama department
  • Directed MBC ‘Working Mom Parenting Dad’, ‘Can't Live Without You’, ‘Miss Ripely', ‘Let's Get Married’, ‘New Kyunwoo & Geeknyeo’, ‘Gasigogi’
  • Planned MBC ‘The Duo’, ‘A Man Called God’, ‘Queen of Ahyun’ etc.
  • SDA 2017 Management Committee

Gyoo-Jeong LeeKorea

Gyeonggi University Professor of Film & Visual Studies (Dean)

  • Directed MBC's Special production ‘Now I can Say’, Special Documentary ‘Exploring the Worlds Economy’, ‘Water’, ‘Sorok Island’
  • Planned and directed MBC's talk show ‘Confession’, ‘For Housewives’, ‘Ppoppoppo', ‘Gangbyeon Singing Festival’, ‘Children's Drama’
  • Planned and directedYTN's 10th Anniversary Feature Documentary "The Truth"
  • Silver Bird Prize at the Korea Film&Arts Award, The Producer of the Year Award, Best Picture Award at the Korean Broadcasting Awards
  • Korean Broadcasting Award, Korea Communications Commission Judge
  • Organized TBS, NATV / Standards Advisory Committee
  • SDA 2016 Management Committee

Tammy HubyczAustralia

Australian Embassy First Scretary of Economic Affairs

  • First Secretary (Economic) at the Australian Embassy, Republic of Korea
  • Served as First Secretary (Human Rights) at the Australian Mission to the United Nations in New York
  • Deputy Director at Australia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Origin Energy (Australia)
  • Lehmann Brothers Investment Bank in London