Final Selection

Dong-Geun Yoo Korea

Association of Broadcasting Artists President

  • Starred in Dramas ‘What's With This Family’, ‘Jeong Do-Jeon’, ‘Childless Comfort’, ‘The
    Age of Heroes’, ‘Wife’, ‘Empress Myeongseong’, ‘Legendary Ambition’, ‘Tears of the
    Dragon’, ‘Lovers’ etc.
  • Starred in Movies ‘Marrying the Mafia’, ‘Who's Got the Tape?’, ‘Crazy First Love’ etc.
  • Won the KBS Drama Awards 1997, 2002, 2014
  • Won the Korean Pop Culture and Art Awards: Prime Minister's Award
  • Won the 25th Korea Broadcasting Awards: Best TV Actor etc.
  • Seoul Institute of the Arts, Theater Major
  • SDA 2016-2019 Head of the Jury

Soo-yeol Yoo Korea

Drama Production Association Senior Adviser

  • Directed MBC 'When You Laugh, Blessings Will Come'
  • Former Executive Production Director, MBC Former President, MBC Chuncheon
  • Former CEO, LOGOS FILM Producer, Media Park
  • SDA 2015-17,19 Final Selection Judge
  • Seoul National University, French Major

Laurence HERSZBERG France

President of the Forum Dejimage / Series Mania Representative

  • Order of the Order of the Order of Merit for the French Merit
  • A member of the board of directors of the Paris Philharmonic
  • Winning the 21st Busan International Film Festival's Korean Film Achievement Award

Marc Lorber USA

Executive Producer &International Scripted Formats Consultant of Lionsgate and Fox

  • Formats &Local Production Consultant for Disney ABC Int’l TV
  • Executive Production Consultant/Producer for Sony Pictures TV International
  • Vice President of Television Development & Production of Carlton America
  • Vice President of Television at Phoenix Pictures

Jennifer Batty U.K


  • RTL CBS Asia ­ EVP Programming
  • RTL Group Germany ­ Content and Territory Consultant -Consult on Asian territory strategy-Multi Channels Asia Singapore­ Content and Territory Consultant
  • Star TV ­ Vice President, Programming, Star World
  • Viasat Broadcasting ­ Head of Programming, Pay TV

Liping Wang China

Vice President of China Radio and Television Association TV-Series Screenwriter Committee

  • Won a honorary award given by Shanghai Literacy Federation
  • Won the Best Screenwriter Prize at the Shanghai TV Festival
  • Wrote <Green Tenderness>, <Mother-in law>, <Wife and Sister-in-law>

Hisashi Tsugiya Japan

Nihon TV Producer

  • Anone (2018, Drama), Super Salaryman Sae Nai (2017, Drama), Debussen (2016, de Lamar), (Gappa Teacher (2015, Drama), Mother (2010, Drama) and many other famous Japanese de Lamas.
    ※ South Korean version of 'Mother' (Japanese remake) won best mini-series /Women's Actor Award (Lee Bo-young)
Preliminary SCREENING

Moon Junha Korea

Head of KBS Drama Center

  • Drama Special 2019 CP
  • 2010-2014: Drama Special Production
  • Drama 'Sammyway', 'Ranjerry Girls' Generation', 'Juggles' and 'Left Handmaiden’

Hwang Inroe Korea

Group Eight Adviser / Director

  • 2005: Aura Creative CEO
  • 2004~ : Director of Groupit Production
  • 1996: 32nd Baeksang Arts Awards for Best Picture - Directed by dramas such as "Gung," "Playful KISS" and "The Midnight Restaurant.“

Pierce Conran Ireland

Film Director/Film Critic

  • KoBiz, a reporter at the Korean Film Council
  • Comments on Korean movies in Twitch Film, Arirang Broadcasting, etc.
  • Swiss Freibur Film Festival Consultant

Min-Sik Kim Korea

Producer, MBC Drama Dept.

  • Won the Best New Director at the 38th BaekSang Arts Awards
  • Won the Best Director at the 46th BaekSang Arts Awards

Yoon-Jung Jung Korea


  • Writer of ‘Misaeng’, ‘Bride of the Water God’, ‘Monsta’ and ‘Arang and The Magistrate’
  • TV writer, Professor of Visual Arts Creation Arts at the Korean Academy of Arts

Jason Bechervaise U.K

Film Critic/Journalist

  • Professor, Dept. of Entertainment and Arts Management, Korea Soongsil Cyber University
  • Film Critic, Screen International (U.K.), Arirang TV &Radio, EBS, Busan eFM
  • Preliminary Jury, SDA 2016 &2017, Wildflower Film Awards
  • Jury, Olleh Smartphone Film Festival, 2013.

Kwang Ho Kim Korea

Head of Production Planning Division, EBS

  • 2015 : Won TV Documentary Award at The 27th Korea Producer Award
  • 2014 : Won Silver Bird Prize for Social-Cultural at the Korea Broadcastiong Prizes.
  • 2005 : Won Grand Prize at the Korea Broadcasting Prizes.
  • 1995 ~ : EBS Educational Documentary Department Producer.
  • Directed EBS ‘Docu-Prime’

Young-Kwang ChoKorea

Head of Drama Department, SBS

  • SBS Producer
  • Won an award SBS Drama Awards
  • Directed ‘49days’, ‘King of Ambition’, ‘Defendant’

Todd Holoubek USA

Professor / Actor

  • Masters Degree at New York University Graduate School
  • The 10th Young-eun Art Creation Studio Writer
  • Starred in ‘The Ten’, ‘Reno 911’, and Miami