Final Selection

Chun-Sik Kim S. Korea
※ Head of the Jury

President of Korean Society for Journalism & Communication Studies, Professor of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

  • Hankuk University of Foreign Studies / Dean of Graduate School of Politics, Government and Communication
  • Korean Society for Journalism / President of Political Communication Academy in Journalism Research Group

Gyoo-Jeong Lee S. Korea

Professor of Kyonggi University

  • Juror for Korean Broadcasting Award, Korea Communications Commission
  • SDA Management Committee (2016), SDA Juror for Preliminary Screening (2017)
  • Head of MBC Audience Committe (2019)
  • Directed MBC's Special production ‘Now I can Say’, Special Documentary ‘Exploring the Worlds Economy’, ‘Water’, ‘Sorok Island’
  • Planned and directed MBC's talk show ‘Confession’, ‘For Housewives’, ‘Ppoppoppo', ‘Gangbyeon Singing Festival’, ‘Children's Drama’

Adam Steinman U.S.A

Warner Bros. International TV Production VP, Creative, Format, Development & Sales

  • Former VP for Tiger Aspect Productions USA Development and Production
  • Former Head of Department for Lion Television

Sue Vertue U.K.

CEO and Board Director, Hartswood Films

  • Executive and series Producer on multiple award winning dramas and comedies, including ‘Sherlock’
  • 2014 SDA The Most Popular Foreign Drama of the Year: ‘Sherlock S3’
  • Board Director, National Film and Television School
  • Former Producer, Tiger Aspect Productions

Wang Liping China

Vice president, China TV Series Screenwriters Committee

  • Vice chairman, China TV Artists Association
  • Vice chairman, Shanghai TV Artists Association
  • China national first grade screenwriter
  • TV series: ‘Cuo Ai Yi Sheng (The Love of Mistake)’, ‘Bao Mu (The Maid)’, S’huang Cheng Sheng Huo (A Tale of Two Cities)’, ‘Xi Fu De Mei Hao Shi Dai (A Beautiful Daughter-in-law)’, and ‘Sheng Huo Qi Shi Lu (Life Revelation)’.
  • Jury panel for Shanghai International TV Festival
  • SDA Final Selection Juror (2014~2015, 2019)

Ken Kurasaki Japan

NHK director

  • Radio Drama ‘If Cats Disappeared From the World(2013)’
  • Jury for Prix Italia TV drama department (2018)
  • Epic drama series that airs for the whole year, ‘Idaten (2019)’
  • Morning drama series ‘Yell (2020)’
  • Documentary ‘72 hours’, etc

Kerem Catay Turkey

CEO / Producer, AY YAPIM

  • Producer of Int. Turkish Drama hits, as ‘Ezel (2009)’, ‘Fatmagul (2010)’, ‘Kara Para Ask (2014)’
  • Winner of Best Telenovela, (first for Turkey) with ‘Kara Sevda (2017)’ at the Int. Emmys in NY
  • Producer of ‘Persona (2018)’ which won Turkey's first Int. Emmy Award for Best Performing Actor – Haluk Bilginer (2019)
  • Producer of 6 blockbuster and 3 arthouse movies
  • Int. Emmy Partner & Int. Emmy Member (2014~)
  • Producer of Awarded series since 2012, for the Seoul Drama Awards
Preliminary SCREENING

Eun-Jin Lee S. Korea

Head of Drama Planning Team, KBS

  • Directed KBS drama ‘Feel good to die’, ‘My lawyer Mr. Joe’, ‘Cheer up’, ‘Bread, Love and Dreams’, etc.

In Kang S. Korea

Deputy Head of Drama Planning Studio, MBC

  • Directed MBC drama ‘The great seducer’, etc.

Young-Kwang Cho S. Korea

Deputy Head of Drama Department, SBS

  • SBS Producer
  • 2013 SDA Outstanding Korean drama winner: ‘Night King’
  • 2017 SBS Drama Awards: ‘Innocent Defendant’
  • Directed SBS drama ‘49 days’, ‘Night King’, ‘Innocent Defendant’, ‘Hyde Jekyll, Me’, ‘Heart Surgeons: Two Lives One Heart’, etc.
  • SDA Juror for preliminary screening (2019)

Jeong-Ho Oh S. Korea

EBS Broadcast Production Headquater / Head of Department

  • EIDF Senior programmer (2012~2014)
  • Produced EBS ‘Korean collective psychology – We’, ‘Life on the road’, ‘Power of communication’, ‘Qin Shi Huang, the Immortal’, ‘5 Elements, the origin of civilization’, etc.
  • Wrote <Temptation skill for public>

In-Roe Hwang S. Korea

Group Eight Executive Advisor / Director

  • Korean Producers and Directors Association, TV Director prize: ‘What does a woman live by’
  • Baeksang Awards program award: ‘The basics of love’
  • Korean Directors of Photography Society, Grimme award: ‘Princess hours’
  • Directed ‘Fascination’, ‘Shampoo fairy’, ‘The reason to love someone’, ‘What is kept is not forgotten’, etc.
  • Mini-series ‘Late night restaurant’, ‘Handspan drama’, etc.
  • SDA Juror for preliminary screening (2019)

Seon-Hee Lee S. Korea


  • KBS ‘Unstoppable love’, ‘Amore Mio’, ‘Land of pure gold’, etc.
  • MBC ‘Air City’, ‘If we meet as water’, etc.
  • SBS ‘House of father’, ‘City man and woman’, ‘Model’, ‘Romance’, etc.

Jason Bechervaise U.K.

Film Critic / Professor of Soongsil Cyber University

  • Film Critic, Screen International (U.K.), Arirang TV&Radio, EBS, Busan eFM
  • Olleh Smartphone Film Festival (2013), Wildflower Film Awards Jury (2016)
  • SDA Juror for preliminary screening (2016~2019)

Seon-Young KimS. Korea


  • Wrote daily drama column at <Kyunghyang Shinmun>, <The Asia Business>, <Hankyorae Shinmun>
  • MC for Hankyorae TV ‘Surplus Salon’, Skylife ‘Turn on the VOD’, Ch-U ‘Eudpia’, etc.
  • Cast for KBS ‘Oh Tae-Hoon's current affairs headquarters’, MBC ‘Envious TV’, CBS, etc.
  • Juror for Seoul International Women's Film Festival (2015), Womenlink Blue Media prize (2016), Korea Broadcasting Prize (2017, 2019), Korean Communications commission Awards (2019), etc.

Hee-Jeong Gong S. Korea


  • MBC audience evaluator / Skylife audience committee member
  • In charge of promotion, broadcasting policy at Dong-A TV, Korean Cable TV Association, Skylife (~2014)
  • Wrote column for <Drama Salon>,Seoul Sinmun <Gong Hee-Jeong’s Culture Salon>,, etc.
  • Featured at KBS ‘TV Critics audience’s desk’, MBC ‘Envious TV’, etc.