Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee Chairman Jeong Hoon Park
Chairman of Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee Jeong Hoon Park

The Seoul International Drama Awards, where everyone becomes one through drama,
has reached its 13th year.

Originally, the Seoul International Drama Awards had a great challenge to create the
world’s very first drama festival and spreadit throughout the world.
The question was, can people from ‘different nations’ of ‘different ethnic groups’
possibly share sympathy? Perhaps, the beginning started out with fear.

13 years have passed, and every year we have 250 dramas from over 50 countries,
viewers and TV experts gathering in Seoul to discuss about television drama.

We cry watching the story of a young child in Sri Lanka overcoming life’s obstacles
and matures, we applaud watching American crime series that ride beyond the human
imagination, and we admire the large scale of Chinese TV series.

Dear drama-lovers. With North and South Korea remaining as the world’s only divided
nation, we have visited Seoul and Pyongyang this spring and have carried out artistic

Beyond ideology, the audience shed tears hoping that one day, we would become one.
This video went viral internationally. One performance had greater power than
any other message of reconciliation and peace.

This is what we seek through the Seoul International Drama Awards.
Let us share the message of the past dramas, and together, discuss on how to draw
the ‘drama of reality’ that we live in. We invite you to the festival where the value of
humanity is found through the value of drama.

Thank you.