SDA Talk&Talk

SDA 2023 Talk & Talk
  • Grand Prize [The Fragile Colossus]
    “Korea, are you crazy? You know I'm French. And when we’re French, when we love, we love. When we talk, we talk loudly. When we are happy, we are really happy. But look where we are. In Seoul, your talent is on top of the world. And today, a French guy like me could win an award. Thank you very much to our team, to my cast, to my writer, to my director and really, Korea.”
    Sydney Gallonde (Executive Producer of Make It Happen Studio)
  • Golden Bird Prize – Individual [Big Bet]
    “I'm incredibly happy to receive such an honorable award but, I want to dedicate this award to my colleagues. I want to share this honor with our dedicated <Big Bet> staff, and all of our fellow actors as well as director Yun Seong Kang, who sacrificed day and night, enduring scorching heat and a tremendous amount of work.”
    Min Sik Choi (Actor)
  • Golden Bird Prize - Program [Big Bet]
    “First of all, I am deeply moved and overjoyed that a Mr. Min Sik Choi received an award today. He went through very difficult times while working on our project. The schedule was tight, and the work was physically demanding. But he overcame it well, and it makes me being touched to see him receive positive recognition for it.”
    Yun Seong Kang (Director)
  • “Following last year's International Emmy Awards for <The King's Affection>, it’s a great honor to receive such a prestigious award this year for <Big Bet>. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to our success, including Mr. Min Sik Choi, director Yun Seonng Kang, Disney+ staff, actors, co-producers, and our Arc Media family once again.”
    Chang Hyun An (CEO of Arc Media)
  • Best TV Movie [Mayflies]
    “We are absolutely thrilled to be here and receive this beautiful award on behalf of our film <Mayflies>. Making <Mayflies> was an amazing journey and it was all the more meaningful to make it with my wonderful friend and collaborator, Andrea Gibb. She is here with me tonight.”
    Claire Mundell (Executive Producer of Synchronicity Films)
  • “It’s a story that is totally Scottish in flavour but universal in its resonance, speaking of loss, love and friendship. By giving us this international drama award you’re showing that <Mayflies> transcends borders.
    Andrea Gibb (Writer & Executive Producer)
  • Best TV Movie [Belascoarán PI]
    “We know how Korean productions are now the most important references and examples to all of us around the world. So, I cannot tell you how proud and happy we are to know that a Mexican story can be seen and liked in a country like yours.”
    Rodrigo Santos (Headwriter & Showrunner of Perro Azul), Alexis Fridman (Executive Producer of Perro Azul)
  • Best Miniseries [Reborn Rich]
    “Through <Reborn Rich>, I wanted to have a conversation about ho much courage it takes to dream of hope, with numerous 'Yoon Hyun Woos' in Korea who shout out 'My life is a failure!'”
    Dae Yoon Jung (Director of SLL)
  • “I've worked hard for a long time believing that it’ll be a good drama. I'll always focus and work hard on making good content in my place.”
    Dong Rae Kim (CEO of Raemongraein)
  • Best Miniseries [The Long Season]
    “Tencent Video always sticks to the mission of "content creates beauty" and respects artists and creators. We look forward to bringing you more excellent works in the future.”
    Na Zhang (Executive Producer of Tencent Video)
  • Best Series [Meet Yourself]
    “Thanks to our producer, director and screenwriters for their hard work. Due to time limits, I couldn’t mention all the outstanding actors and staffs involved, your efforts mean a lot and it’s a great honor to create this healing work together.”
    Xiaodong Zhang (Artistic Consultant of China Huace Media Group)
  • Best Series [Act Like You’re Asleep]
    “Our vision as a broadcaster is to produce programs that can stand out and thrive not only among the Greek audience but also among the audience of the international television scene and to tell stories with which people from all over the world can identify.”
    Nino Elamtzioglou (Member of Board of Directors of ERT S.A.)
  • “This award is not only a celebration for creative professionals in television, but also an affirmation of that power, for generations of storytellers who still trust fiction to understand and interpret the strangeness of the real world.”
    Gianni Skaragas (Screenwriter)
  • Best Director [The Fragile Colossus]
    “You should know that in France, this film has already saved lives and helped encourage children, adults, and elders, who unfortunately spent their lives in silence and self-destruction, to speak out at last. I sincerely hope that it will have the same impact here.”
    Sébastien Boueilh (Writer, on behalf of Stéphanie Murat)
  • Best Screenwriter [The Fragile Colossus]
    “This award means there is no place in the world where pedophilia is not a plague, a shame and a felony. So, like <The fragile Colossus>, please never be a victim, talk. Anytime.”
    Aude Marcle (Screenwriter of Make It Happen Studio)
  • Best Screenwriter [The Actor]
    “I remember the first international award I took was a script award too. It was about, I think, 12 years ago. Thank you juries, for your attention to all the little details in my script.”
    Nima Javidi (Screenwriter&Director)
  • Best Actor [The Long Season]
    “Today, I received another surprise. I’m lucky, blessed, and grateful! I would like to thank everyone who help me along the journey to this stage.”
    Wei Fan (Actor)
  • Best Actress [Afterglow]
    “I would like to thank a friend who held my hand during shooting . You laughed and said to me: ‘You know you are going to receive a reward for acting a person with cancer, while I’m going to die from it.’ I wish you weren’t so right. Please tell Vera your best jokes tonight. And for the rest of us: I hope we will live now and now and now and now.”
    Nina Ellen Ødegård (Actress)
  • Best Actress [ANNA]
    “Thank you so much to the director Joo Young Lee and all the staff who worked so hard for <ANNA>. I’d like to give this honor to all of these people. Once again, thank you very much for loving <ANNA>. I will keep doing my best to move on as a good actress.”
    Suzy (Actress)
  • Special Prize [Cammo]
    “I am especially so grateful that this story can make a difference for those with Down syndrome and their relatives.”
    Caroline Glomnes (Creator, Screenwriter&Actress)
    “Thank you so much for the special prize. This means so much to me. We have worked hard but we have also had a lot of fun.”
    Katelyn Garbin (Actress)
    “To be seen and recognized by you, at Seoul International Drama Awards – means the world to us! Hopefully it will inspire more people to go out and seek new stories from new perspectives.”
    Martin Sofiedal (Director)
  • Outstanding Asian Star [Extraordinary Attorney Woo]
    “These days, I can feel that love is visible when I see ‘Bingo’. I think that the heart and energy of being able to love someone is a great thing. I sincerely thank you for always showing overflowing greatness.”
    Eun Bin Park (Actress)
  • Outstanding Asian Star [Midnight Museum]
    “I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the incredible fans out there—whether you're from Thailand, Korea, or any corner of the world—who took part in voting for me to win this award.”
    Gun Atthaphan Phunsawat (Actor)
  • Outstanding Asian Star [2 Good 2 Be True]
    “Now that I’m here to personally receive this award with my fellow awardees from Asia, it still feels surreal. I’m overwhelmed and at loss for words. I'm so proud humbled to be on this stage representing Filipino talent and being a Filipina. This means so much to me.”
    Kathryn Bernardo (Actress)
  • IDOLCHAMP Artist Award [MIMICUS]
    “I would like to give this honor to ENGENE who supported me and thank SDAOC for giving me a good opportunity. I will do my best to make a return for your love and support with good works and performances.”
  • Outstanding Korean Drama [Extraordinary Attorney Woo]
    “I realized that good stories, good characters, and good acting can move people's hearts beyond language and culture. Above all, I sincerely thank people for not forgetting ‘Young Woo’ and keeping her in their hearts.”
    In Sik Yoo (Director)
  • Outstanding Korean Drama [The Glory]
    “I would like to thank all the fans who still love . which has been almost a year since this series was released. I believe I got this prize on behalf of Netflix Korea. I want to say to Netflix Korea’s executives and employees once again ‘We’ve done our best’. I will find a good story again and come back here.”
    Tae Won Kim (Content Director of Netflix)
  • Outstanding Korean Actor [Reborn Rich]
    “First and foremost, I want to express my gratitude to JTBC for making the drama possible. And I also want to thank Raemongraein. And I would like to especially thank actor Joong Ki Song, who is my beloved grandchild.”
    Sung Min Lee (Actor)
  • Outstanding Korean Drama O.S.T [Three Bold Siblings]
    “It was the first drama O.S.T in my life. Though it was a small part, I really wanted to contribute great help to the drama. I watched the drama with my fans without missing a single episode. I want to dedicate this honor to the production team of <Three Bold Siblings>.”
    Ho Joong Kim (Singer)