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Thank you for visiting the
Seoul International Drama Awards, a global festival for all who love series.
With your warm support, the Seoul International Drama Awards turns a new page of the 19th anniversary.

The Seoul International Drama Awards stareted its journey in 2006 as the only festival for TV dramas, and it has devoted to the industry and connected people by overcoming cultural barriers from borders, languages and religions. It has grown into one of the major festivals made up of nearly 60 countires participation.

Industries met brand new era due to the technological advancements. It brought innovations to drama industry as well. The restrictions given from the legacy media devices has been disappearing, and services are diversifying featuring OTT platforms. Creators have more opportunities and viewers have more contents to choose.

The Seoul International Drama Awards ruminates on this changes.
We think about ways to come to understand well each other through the stories we create from tentpole series to experimental dramas, from big discourse to small news of everyday life.

Reminding the original aim of this festival; to devote to the advancement of the drama industry and to fostering creative leadership and humanity, the Seoul International Drama Awards invites you to the 19th festival.

Thank you.
Chairman of the Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee
and President of the Korean Broadcasters Association