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             Seoul International Drama Awards 2010,


l  Compete for the Best!

l  New Awards Category for Korean Wave in 2010


People’s Choice: Best Actor/Actress & Drama O.S.T.

         Popularity Vote on YAHOO! Korea and Cyworld


 ‘Seoul International Drama Awards 2010’, a world-wide drama festival, opens its glamorous awards ceremony on 10 September.

Seoul International Drama Awards 2010 [SDA 2010], organized by Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee and Korean Broadcasters Association (Chairman: KIM, In-Kyu) closed entry register successfully with 172 dramas from 43 countries. Even keener competition is expected among dramas and actors/actresses than ever, attracting much more attention.


Compete for the Best!


Not only great-hit Korean dramas but American and British dramas, which led huge fans with the highest view rate record were submitted to the SDA 2010:

“NCIS season 7” which is one of the top TV series in US and acquired favor of international fans, “CSI season 10”, the trendsetter of criminal investigation dramas, “Numbers season 6” that has enjoyed continuous popularity, “Doctor Who series 5” which is listed in Guinness World Records as the longest-running science fiction television show in the world, and “My House is Full of Mirrors” that depicts the life of Sofia Loren, a doyenne of Hollywood will compete for ‘Best Drama’ of SDA 2010.

The SDA 2010 also has other notable entries. Chile participated in the SDA 2010 for the first time with “Where is Elisa?” which recorded top in domestic market with 57 ratings points. In addition South Africa, the host of 2010 FIFA World Cup submitted “League of Glory” which is a story about three boys forging a friendship through soccer.

Best drama and other honorable prizes will be announced at the awards ceremony aired live on MBC-TV, 10th September.






New Awards Category for Korean Wave in 2010


  Seoul International Drama Awards 2010 creates a new awards category to praise dramas and persons contributing to spreading Korean Wave(韓流) through dramas.

Among the entries in 60 Korean dramas aired from 1 April, 2009 to 30 April 2010, domestic and foreign journalists and foreign buyers vote for each 1 Best Drama, Best Actor & Actress, Best Director and Best Writer. This will be a great opportunity to pick out real contributors for the Korean Wave spread, selected by people who know well about viewers’ responses and who actually work in the field of purchasing dramas.



People’s Choice: Best Actor/Actress & Drama O.S.T.

-    Popularity  Vote  on  YAHOO!  Korea  and  Cyworld .


Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee (Chairman: KIM, In-Kyu) carries out the popularity vote to choose the best Asian actors/actresses from 27 July to 26 August with YAHOO! Korea.

In this year, 5 of the most popular actors/actresses in 32 dramas from Korea, China, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan are chosen. The vote is conducted for following candidates: Korean performers such as Byung-Hun LEE, Hyuk CHANG, Seung-Gi LEE, Hyun-Jung KOH, and Tae-Hee KIM, Miho KANNO from Japan, Vic CHOU who is well-known for the Taiwanese version of “Boys over Flowers”, BingBing FAN who is selected as the Best Dresser at Cannes Film Festival 2010, and other 55 actors and 51 actresses.


The voting page is operated in Korean, English and Japanese for netizens from all over the world, and other events such as leaving messages for drama stars through Yahoo! Social Pulse.

Besides, Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee conducts another popularity votes on Cyworld for the Best Drama O.S.T. among 40 songs, aired for the past year until 26 August. 




1. List of Entries for SDA 2010 by Continents

2. List of Candidates in Yahoo! On-line Popularity Vote for SDA 2010

3. Logotype of SDA 2010




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