About SDA


Thank you for your interest in the Seoul International Drama Awards. I am Park, Sung-jae the chairman of the Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee.

Thanks to all you drama lovers, the Seoul International Drama Awards has reached its 17th year. Drama is considered as the true essence of broadcast video contents and has great influence both cultural and industrial wise, but It was difficult to find a place for exchanges specialized for this around the world. Like cases in which language and culture change significantly within a country with a small 'mountain' or 'river' as the boundary, the Seoul International Drama Awards was created to overcome those culture barriers caused by border lines.


17 Years have passed, and today the Seoul International Drama Awards is receiving over 200 entries from over 50 countries. International TV experts are gathering in Seoul where it has become a place of international communication and exchange. Many fans who support the Seoul International Drama Awards through Youtube, Facebook, and other SNS channels are a great asset.


Like every other year, we will be seeing more dramas which represent their culture. Through TV screenings and VOD premier services, you can experience the world dramas during the festival. Through the common style of creation ‘Drama’, we share this era 'together' and 'differently' in our festival.


We dream of sympathizing together and healing the wounds and pain of conflict through the Seoul International Drama Awards. Please join us at the 17th Seoul International Drama Awards.

Thank You.

Chairman of Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee

Park, Sung-jae