Entry Regulation

  • An Exclusive Drama Festival of Korea

    Continuous development of the Korean Wave, Promotion of healthy participation in festivals, Vitalization of marketing for tourism in Seoul
    A Festival for Drama Production Professionals

    Every year, the Seoul International Drama Awards presents awards to outstanding TV dramas from around the world. In order to introduce high-quality drama productions across borders, we hope that many TV drama experts will participate.

  • A. Entries must have been transmitted to the general public by a television station, a cable network, satellite, the Internet or other digital delivery medium. Promo reels or dramatized commercials and promotional materials are not acceptable.

  • B. The submission has initially been broadcast or released in any country between the dates of May 1, 2021 and April 30, 2022.
  • C. The entering organization or corporate holds copyright ownership OR obtains consent from the rights owner(s) before presenting a submission.
  • D. Eligibility will be considered on a case-by-case basis by Seoul International Drama Awards Organizing Committee, hereinafter referred to as SDAOC.
    Notices regarding copyrights during submission
    In the case of a joint production, the entrant must notify the production partner company beforehand.
    Resubmitted entries will be disqualified. In the event a program is submitted by more than one entrant, the entrants which hold the copyright must decide which submission should be used and inform the Organizing Committee.
    In the event of issues related to copyright, the entrant must take full responsibility.
Submission Category
International Competition
  • 구분, 부문, 정의로 구성된 출품부문 안내 테이블
    Awards Category Definition
    Program TV Movie A production from one (1) and two (2) episodes.
    ※ If the program is part of an anthology series (Independent story, characters within a series), each program will be approved as a separate TV Movie submission.
    Mini-Series A production between three (3) and twenty four (24) episodes.
    ※ If the submission tends to be a series and qualifies, each series is counted as an independent submission.
    Serial Drama A production with twenty-five (25) or more episodes in which theme, storyline and main characters are presented under the same title.
    Jury’s Special Prize Among the entries from all the categories above, the jury select up to three (3) productions by recognizing special contribution.
  • ※ There is no limit to the number of submissions according to each category; TV Movie, Mini-Series, Serial Drama.
  • ※ Once a program is submitted, it will automatically be competing in the Individual category. The entrant MUST request to the Organizing Committee to exclude specific Individual categories if they do NOT wish to compete in them and be nominated.
Awards Category
A. International Competition
1) Program Category : Grand Prize (1), Best TV∙Mini-Series∙Serial Drama (Up to 2)
2) Individual Category (4) : Best Actor (1), Best Actress (1), Best Director (1), Best Screenwriter (1)
3) Jury’s Special Prize (Up to 3)
B. Special Invitation (Up to 3)
C. Outstanding Asian Star (Up to 5)

D. Best Korean Drama of the Year
1) Program Category: Outstanding Korean Drama (Up to 3)
2) Individual Category: Outstanding Performance (2 by female and male) 
3) Best O.S.T (1)
Required Materials
Completed online entry form,
photo, video (English subtitles),
consent form of the submission
A. Entry Form : Online submission on the Seoul International Drama Awards official website
Entry forms must be submitted in English.
Entrants must submit correct information. In the event of a disadvantage caused due to false information, the Organizing Committee will not be responsible.
B. Digital Photos: All image files must be uploaded on the online entry form
1) One (1) official poster (mandatory, Vertical poster is recommended.)
2) Headshot of talent: Up to 2 headshots for actor and actress (each) can be submitted (mandatory)
3) Headshot of screenwriter OR director: Up to 2 headshots for screenwriter and director (each) can be submitted.
Digital Photo File Format
- Resolution of 1200x1600px, PNG or JPEG form file of 300DPI
- Each photo you save must be less than 5MB
Should there be technical difficulties, the entrant may contact the Organizing Committee and submit separately.
C. Video
1) Video file
Category Video file
TV Movie Trailer under five (5) minutes

The entire film or both parts (two episodes) must be submitted.

Mini-Series Entrants must submit three (3) episodes (First & Second, and the last or most recently aired episodes).
Serial Drama

2) Video Formats
① Video codec: H. 264,
② File formats: MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV (Any format is acceptable as long as the provided codecs/formats are readable on default and 3rd-party video players.)
③ Resolution : 1280×720 HD (16:9)
※ All programs must be subtitled in English. Programs without subtitles will be disqualified.
※ It is recommended to submit an English script with the video file

3) Video Submission (you can choose a or b)
a. Upload on the official google drive account of the Organizing Committee
Please share the file with the official account of SDA: seouldramaawards@gmail.com
b. Save the video files on a USB flash drive and ship it to SDAOC
Shipping by post (Optional, USB stick)
Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee / Korean Broadcasters Association 10th FL. Korean Broadcasters Center Bldg. 233 Mok-dongdongro, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea
(Postal Code: 07995), Seoul International Drama Awards (02-3219-5563)
D. Consent form of the submission: Select while submitting online entry form
  • 1) Usage of submissions
    - The Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee aims to discover fine productions around the world and introduce them to new market. To that we constantly strives to create a place where diverse people from various countries can gather, communicate, and exchange beyond the borders and cultural barriers.
  • 2) Options of submission usage
    Usage of submissions
    To promote your works, Seoul International Drama Awards can upload and exhibit the images that entrants submit on (web)site. Also, we can extract or edit part of the submissions for the purpose of promotion only to broadcast awards ceremony through TV, the Internet, and the exhibition places.
    * If it is necessary to use submitted work other than the above for the Seoul Drama Awards, we plan to discuss individually with the entry submission company later.
  • 3) The Duty of Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee
    - The submissions should be strictly used for the purpose of promoting the awards ceremony and the exhibitions only in accordance with the consent of the entrants. The Organizing Committee must strictly control the violation of copyrights, or illegal leakage of any kind.
Entry Deadline
Extend to May 15, 2022
The Organizing Committee reserves the right to approve or deny an extension request on submissions, as well as determine its length if granted.
  • A. No entrance fee is required.
  • B. There is no limit to the number of submissions according to each category.
  • C. The Organizing Committee is not obliged to return any submitted materials.
  • D.The Organizing Committee has the rights to request additional materials, due to lack of information or technical errors. In the case of a nomination, the entrant must co-operate fully.
  • E. Entrant must submit a clean version of the program without subtitle in the case of a nomination.
  • F. For INDIVIDUAL categories (Actor & Actress), the entrant must notify the entered performers of submission and the Awards date in advance and must co-operate to the fullest so talents can attend the awards ceremony.
Judging Procedures
  • A. Preliminary Selection: Panel of 9 international professionals
  • - Each judge individually screens and evaluates the entries. After the Organizing Committee collects official ballots from the jury, top ranking entries become nominees.
  • B. Final Selection: Panel of 7 international professionals
  • - Each judge individually screens and evaluates the nominated works. After the Organizing Committee collects official ballots from the jury, top ranking programs and individuals from among the nominees become the final winners.
  • A. Nominees The Organizing Committee will announce the nominees on the website and notify the entrants individually after preliminary selection.
  • B. Winners The winners will be announced at the live-telecast Awards Ceremony in September 2022 in Seoul.
Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee / Korean Broadcasters Association
Olivia NA(Email : dbswnna@kba.or.kr)
Jaewon LIM(Email : y20013@kba.or.kr)
Bohee HEO(Email : hbh1724@kba.or.kr)
Seungyeon KIM (Email : yoni1128@kba.or.kr)