SDA Talk&Talk

SDA 2022 Talk & Talk
  • Grand Prize [Help]
    “Most importantly though, we want to thank all of the care home workers and the residents living with dementia who time to speak to us, and helped make the show possible. To all of those people, we are very honored and grateful, and this is for you.”
    Alessandro Kazamia (Development Producer)
  • Best Mini Series [The Last Summers of the Raspberries]
    “Being able to address issues regarding agriculture in the series is very important to us. Hoping it will help for future generation to make great decision.”
    Florence Longpré (Screenwriter), Julia Ferreira Langlois (Producer)
  • Best Director [Nobody's Child]
    “We are so proud that this movie and the voices of these children reached out to you, here in Seoul.”
    Akim Isker (Director)
  • Best Actor [Help]
    “I’d like to say thank you very much for the honor, the huge honor of presenting me with the award for Best Actor at the SDA 2022. It meant the world to me.”
    Stephen Graham (Actor)
  • Jury’s Special Prize [The World Stands Still]
    “COVID-19 divided us as nations and individuals but film brings us together.”
    Dorothee Schön (Screenwriter), Laelia Rösler (Doctor)
  • Outstanding K-POP Idol [Rookie Cops]
    “The reason for giving me such a precious prize, who had only made a small voice, is to continue to challenge myself and learn more fiercely. I will be honored with this prize.”
    Kang Daniel (Actor)
  • Outstanding Asian Star [He's into Her]
    “It is such a great honor to be here. To the woman who modeled me into the woman I am today, my mother. Thank you so much, I love you.”
    Belle Mariano (Actress)
  • Outstanding Korean Drama [All of Us Are Dead]
    “I believe that each and every person's efforts and affection for their work have been the reason of being loved by many people around the world. I will do my best to make much more interesting and meaningful stories and better works.”
    Jaekyu Lee (Director)