[PRESS RELEASE] [2011] 1st Press Release

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  • 2011-09-16
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Press Release

 Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee /

  Korean Broadcasters Association

15th FL. Korean Broadcasters Center Bldg., Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul 158-715

Tel. +82-2-3219-5579, Fax. +82-2-3219-5570


“ Drama Road” Seoul Drama Awards 2011 ? The road where international dramas and culture meet & the festival where citizens and stars interact with each other


● The most quality productions submitted (204 entries)

● Competitive nominees chosen from popular dramas of many countries

● Experienced and qualified actors and actress nominated

● Well-made Representative Korean dramas and their actors and actresses nominated

● Enjoyable awards ceremony where international drama fans get together (i.e. Korean Connection)


The Seoul Drama Awards 2011 holds its 6th international drama festival on August 31.


With a catch phrase “Drama Road,” Seoul Drama Awards 2011 hosts an intense competition with 204 entry submissions. Seoul Drama Awards is organized by Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee and Korean Broadcasters Association.


The Most Entries Submitted ? 204 Quality Dramas Entered into the Competition


The list of ‘SDA 2011’ entries shows that the number of entries has doubled (204 from 37 countries) since the first awards held in 2006 (105 entries).


To break down the entries by continent, 11 countries in Asia have submitted 79 entries, 15 European countries have submitted 68 entries, and five countries in the Americas have submitted 29 including a few popular American series such as The Walking Dead, Camelot, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. In addition to the newly added 13 American entries, Mongolia and Romania have submitted their entries for the first time. Three countries in the Middle East have submitted seven, two countries in Oceania have submitted 10, and one African country (South Africa) has submitted two entries. 


In the TV movie category, 75 entries have been submitted from 21 countries: France, Israel and Iran each submitted 7, and Spain submitted 6. A variety of topics have been covered in the submitted TV movies, and especially, there were a number of dramas based on a real story.


In the category of miniseries, 77 entries have been submitted from 22 countries. Although the majority of the entries were criminal investigation dramas, some historical adaptations, traditional family dramas and romantic dramas were still predominant. Considering the nature of miniseries, some of the entries have been greatly successful after TV broadcast in many different countries, but it was impressive that they attempted to remain authentic and unique.


In the series drama category, the 50 entries were submitted from various countries and cultures so that they talked about ordinary daily lives, dreams and social issues. Especially, most of the entries showed the improvement of female roles and characters and left some critical lessons.


Additionally, to exchange critical information and carry out promotional activities, Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee has just recently joined a partnership with Monte-Carlo TV Festival of Monaco along with the solid relationships with WorldFest-Houston International Film & Video Festival, Banff World Media Festival, Shanghai TV Festival, International Drama Festival in Tokyo and Montreux Comedy Festival.