[PRESS RELEASE] Seoul International Drama Awards 2016 holds ‘TV Movie Premiere and Celeb Cinema’

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  • 2016-10-06
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 Seoul International Drama Awards 2016 holds

‘TV Movie Premiere and Celeb Cinema’


-      Viewers can enjoy 10 TV dramas on the big-screen from August 13 to September 10

-      TV Movie Premiere is held in association with local festivals and Embassies of participating countries to enhance meaning, fun and entertainment, as well as interaction

-       Interaction with drama production experts, directors and actors at Celeb Cinema




AUGUST 9, 2016 SEOUL, KOREA. The Seoul International Drama Awards Organizing Committee (Chairman Ko Dae-young) announced that it will hold a collaborative event titled TV Movie Premiere and Celeb Cinema so that people can watch well-made foreign TV dramas on the big-screen and interact with drama production experts, directors and actors.


As part of the TV Movie Premiere, which will take place from August 13 (Sat) to September 10 (Sat), viewers can preview the dramas that were submitted to the Seoul International Drama Awards 2016. From the total of 265 entries, 8 dramas will be shown, including SBS TV Movie Yeong-ju and KBS mini-series Descendants of the Sun – Specials from South Korea, Adidas vs. Puma – That’s the Name of the Game! and Deutschland 83 from Germany, Sabena Hijacking - My Version from Israel, Endless Love from Turkey, Baskets from USA, and Don`t Leave Me from France.


In particular, this year, for the first time, TV Movie Premiere is being held in association with local cultural festivals and foreign Embassies of the countries from which the dramas have been submitted in order to enhance viewers’ understanding of the dramas and allow more in-depth interaction with audiences. SBS TV Movie Yeong-ju will be on screen at the Blues Music Festival in Yeong-ju, Gyeongsangbuk-do which is the actual filming site of the drama, so that the audience can enjoy the beauty of the site as well as the local cultural festival while watching the drama. The five foreign dramas will be screened at the cultural centers of each exhibiting country. Regional and cultural info and social background will also be introduced to the audience with the help of the Embassies to help deepen the audiences’ interest and understanding of the SDA entry.


The Celeb Cinema will take place for 2 days from September 9 to 10. The drama production experts and actors will enjoy the drama and interact with audiences during the event. Dramaworld from USA and a web-drama titled 72 Seconds from South Korea will also be screened. Directors and actors of each of the dramas will attend the event and interact with the audiences.


Applicants for the TV Movie Premiere and Celeb Cinema can apply at the Seoul Drama Awards website ( by September 1 and registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis. More information of the event is also available at the same website.


The Seoul International Drama is an exclusive annual festival for international TV dramas. The Awards is recognized for contributing to raising the awareness of the diversity and excellence of worldwide TV dramas. This year, for the 11th edition, SDA received a total of 265 submissions from 51 nations. The Seoul International Drama Awards 2016 will take place on Thursday, September 8 at KBS Hall, and be live telecast on KBS 2TV.



The schedule of ‘TV Movie Premiere & Celeb Cinema’ (8/13 ~ 9/10)




Date & Time





SBS TV Movie


(South Korea)

A single-log bridge only allows one way. That is how Young Joo, Hae Sook, and Chul Min will meet. A story beautiful as the scenery and touching as the soft waves of the river.

KBS Mini-Series

Descendants of the Sun – Specials

(South Korea)

The hottest drama of 2016! The thrilling love story of a dispatched soldier, and a doctor doing her medical services in Uruk!

8/19 (Fri)

Adidas vs. Puma -

That`s the Name of the Game!


Adolf is an inventor, whereas Rudolph is a business man. The two brothers fulfill each other with different talents creating a synergy. However, the slightest misunderstanding spreads to an irreversible fight, and their business that they grew together falls apart. The Dassler brothers are the creators of Adidas and Puma. This is a drama depicting the true story of the start-up of the two global sports corporations, and the stories behind.

Deutschland 83


The time set goes back to the 80’s in Germany. The Russian missiles set in the East, and the US missiles set in the West are facing each other. With the arrangements of the nuclear missiles, the peace movement in the crowd slowly expands. Countries surrounding East and West Germany go through a period of confusion. A young man originally from East Germany is currently under cover as a spy in West Germany. Through this young man, we can view tension between the two camps in a different point of view.

9/01 (Thu)

Sabena Hijacking -

My Version


In 1972, Sabena airline flight 571 departing from Belgium to Israel is kidnapped by the Terrorist group “Black September” which take action to liberate Palestine. Their deal requires releasing 300 prisoners. The docu-drama reveals the 30 hours of the hostage crisis with actual interviews from former and incumbent Israeli politicians, real hostages during that time, and also the recorded voice notes from the pilots.

9/9 (Fri)


Endless Love


Born in an average family, Kemel is too self-involved by reality. One day, a woman who lives across the street comes into his life, and everything changes. The coastline in Istanbul, greatly differentiates the distance between the rich and the poor. For such reasons, people demand for different

types of love. The man who left starts a new life after an accident. He goes back to her...

9/9 (Fri)




To become a clown, Chip Basket went to France to study. However, due to economical problems and language barriers Chip decides to go back home in California. Chip works as a clown in Rodeo, California. Despite the hardship Chip is going through, he endures it because he has a goal. To confront his past while competing with his twin brother for his mother's approval and affection, he becomes a rodeo clown.

9/9 (Fri)


Don`t Leave Me


17-year old Chama, marries Omar who is a Radical Muslim on-line. She prepares to leave to Syria, to meet her “husband”. Omar’s father finds out about this, and informs Chama’s parents to prevent such happening. Like this, a war between Chama and her parents begin.



Date & Time



9/9 (Fri)




Claire Dunkin, who is a huge fan of Korean drama, gets sucked into her favorite K-drama one day. Stuck inside Dramaworld, she is now a leading lady and can’t just watch the drama unfold. Could she fix the story before it’s too late?

Sean Dulake (actor), Chris Martin (director) and some Korean cast and producers will attend the event

9/10 (Sat)


72 Seconds

(South Korea)

Like every other ordinary man, Ru-mook Do feels a great distance between the ideal life and reality. One day, he meets a beautiful woman and he tends to think that everything has changed, when actually nothing has changed. He is still the average man.

Drama production experts and actors will attend the event


About the Seoul International Drama Awards


Organized by the Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee and the Korean Broadcasters Association, the Seoul International Drama Awards (SDA) is the world’s leading drama festival where drama fans and drama production experts from all around the world can enjoy and celebrate together. With continuous support and participation of fans and industry participants from all over the world, SDA received a total of 265 submissions from 51 countries this year, which makes a cumulative total of 73 participating countries for the past 10 years. Based on the criteria of overall quality, originality and popularity, outstanding programs from the TV Movie, Mini-Series, Serial Drama and Comedy categories will be announced at the live awards ceremony from 5:30 to 7:50pm on KBS 2TV.