[PRESS RELEASE] Seoul International Drama Awards 2021 To Open Asian Star Prize Vote from 9 August

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  • 2021-08-06
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Seoul International Drama Awards 2021 To Open Asian Star Prize Vote from 9 August

·       Nominees include stars from 5 Asian countries and regions

·       The vote will take place at a voting service app Pikkle

Online vote for the Asian Star Prize of Seoul International Drama Awards 2021(SDA), which will take place for the 16th time, will be open.

The Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee announced that the online Asian Star Prize vote takes place from 9 to 20 August.


The vote will select 5 actors, of which 1 male or female actor who have stared in entries of this year, from 5 major countries and regions include China, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan and Thailand.


129 male and female actors, including Chinese actress Ziyi Zhang <The Rebel Princess>, Chinese actor and singer Yibo Wang <Legend of Fei>, Indonesian actress Amanda Manopo <The Ties of Love>, Japanese singer and model Kentaro Sakaguchi <Signal Special>, Taiwanese actress Vivian Sung <Lost Romance> and Thai actress Kitty-Chicha Amatayakul <Daughters>, are nominated in this category.


The vote is open to any global drama fans via a mobile application Pikkle developed by blockchain technology company BLOCKO. The app is available all around the world except for China.


The voting process is simple: Downloading the Pikkle app, creating an account, and picking the choices.


Any vote taker can opt to choose one of three ways to download the app - either through SDA official homepage QR code scan, Google Play Store and Apple App Store app installation or Pikkle homepage( apk file download. Once downloading the app, the Pikkle account can be created through simple processes by going through email authentication or creating an account through an existing social media account. voters may access the voting page via the lists of ongoing votes after logging in.


Each account (ID) permits to vote for 3 Asian Star Prize nominees from each country and region on the list once every day. The voting ticket renews every midnight.


The Asian Star Prize of SDA 2021 reflects 70% of online vote results and 30% of the committees evaluation to select the most outstanding actors and actresses in Asia.


The vote is anticipating a fierce competition as the prize will be given to one nominee representing each country and region out of 55 candidates from China, 10 from Indonesia, 25 from Japan, 24 from Taiwan, 15 from Thailand.


Last year, the Asian Star Prize was awarded to Dingdong Dantes <Descendants of the Sun> from the Philippines and Ryusei Yokohama <Your Turn to Kill> from Japan.


Outstanding Korean Drama Prize online vote is scheduled between 23 to 31 August following the closing of the Asian Star Prize vote. The voting process is the same as for the Asian Star Prize.