[PRESS RELEASE] Online Vote Available for Seoul International Drama Awards 2021 Outstanding Korean Drama Prize Competition

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  • 2021-08-20
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Online Vote Available for Seoul International Drama Awards 2021 Outstanding Korean Drama Prize Competition

- Prize to be given to the drama productions, actors and music contributed to spreading Korean wave

- Online vote available via voting service app Pikkle


The Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee announced that Seoul International Drama Awards 2021(SDA) Outstanding Korean Drama online vote takes place from 23 to 31 August. The upcoming is the 16th year of the award.


SDA 2021 Outstanding Korean Drama Prize will be given to drama programs, actors, and an OST earned recognition to have contributed to spreading the Korean wave. The dramas exported to more than 15 countries or recorded over 3million dollars in exports, which aired the first episode between 1 May of last year and 30 April this year, were eligible for the nomination.


16 programs of 6 companies, including <Lie After Lie>, <To all the guys who loved me>, <Kkondae Intern>, <Vincenzo>, <Sweet Home - season 1>, <Start-Up>, <Love Alarm  season 2>, <The Penthouse : War in Life> are nominated for the program category, bespeaking a fierce competition.


Eleven actors, including Kim Myung-soo(Royal Secret Agent), Nam Joo-hyuk(Start-Up), Park Hae-jin(Kkondae Intern), Song Kang(Sweet Home - season 1), Song Joong-ki(Vincenzo), Um Ki-joon(The Penthouse : War in Life), Yeon Jung-hoon(Lie After Lie); and 13 actresses, including Kim So-yeon(The Penthouse : War in Life), Seo Ji-hye(Dinner Mate), Suzy(Start-Up), Lee Yu-ri(Lie After Lie), E Jiah(The Penthouse : War in Life), Jeon Yeo-been(Vincenzo), Jung Yu-mi(The School Nurse Files - season 1), and Hwang Jung-eum(To all the guys who loved me)are nominated for the Excellent Actor and the Excellent Actress categories respectively.


This award is especially drawing attention over who will be the winner to celebrate the glory of the prize in that the list includes many Outstanding Korean drama programs


The vote is open to any global drama fans via a mobile application Pikkle developed by blockchain technology company BLOCKO. The app is available all around the world except for China.


Each account grants to vote once every day, and the voting ticket renews every midnight.