[PRESS RELEASE] Program and Individual Finalists Announced for the Seoul International Drama Awards 2021

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  • 2021-09-10
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Program and Individual Finalists Announced for the Seoul International Drama Awards 2021


  • Finalists of Programs and Individual categories to be revealed simultaneously at the online showcase of BCWW
  • Four nominations for the SBS drama <War in Life serial drama program, director, screenwriter and actress category



Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee(Chairman, Sung Jae Park) has announced the finalists of 33 programs and 33 individuals of the Seoul International Drama Awards 2021.


The nominees of the final rounds for SDA 2021 include the Program Prize category, which involves eight Short-Forms, eight TV Movies, nine Mini-Series, and eight Serial Dramas; as well as the Individual prize category, which involves eight Directors, eight Screenwriters, eight Actors, and nine Actresses.


The Short-Form Programs are works that consist of 30ish-minute short episodes, which has been added since last year, eight outstanding works compete in the final competition round. Among the nominees, the Norwegian program <Delete Me>, which narrates the distorted thriller story of Marion and Marits anxious youth, is drawing attention by making four nominations at Director(Marie Kristiansen), Screenwriter(Marie Kristiansen) and Actress Prize(Thea Sofie Loch Næss) Categories. The Korean program <No, Thank You> made it to the final round at the Program and the Actress Category received favourable reviews for the lead actress Ha Seon Park performance and its cinematic values. In the meantime, the American <Dramaworld S2>, which depicts a story of an overseas fan of K-Dramas sucked into the world of a Korean drama, and the Russian mystery <Passengers>, are nominated and anticipating good results.


TV Movie Programs, anticipating fierce competition of eight programs from six countries - including Taiwan, Germany, Spain, Argentina, the United Kingdom, and Korea, included the Korean film JTBC <Missing Child> and MBC <SF 8  Joans Galaxy> in the competition. In particular, <Missing Child>, which portrays the story of finding a missing child back after 11 years, was nominated for the Program, Director(Yong Won Cho) and Actor(Hyuk Kwon Park) Categories.

The nominees of Mini-Series Program are: <The Bad Kids> a crime thriller from China; <The Investigation> a Danish crime drama that depicts the murder case in 2017 of a Swedish journalist Kim Wall; <Das Boot S2> a drama of World War II, from Germany; and <It's a Sin> which features a story of homosexuality. Excellent films of the diversified genres are expecting to have a heated, breathtaking race.


SBS drama <War in Life> manifested powerful energy by being nominated in four Categories: Serial Drama Program, and Actress (So Yeon Kim), Director(Dong Min Ju), and Screenwriter(So Yeon Kim) in the Individual Category. <War in Life> is recording high audience ratings in seasons 1, 2, and 3, thanks to the actors' impeccable acting skills, controversy over the subject, and topicality. In the Serial Drama Program Category, including <War in Life>, <Go Ahead> of China, which depicts the story of three imperfect families joining and becoming one family, <Ana's Revenge> of Colombia, and <Legacy> of Turkey, were named in the final list.


In addition, <The Great>, an American comedy-drama portraying Russian Empress Catherine II and Pyotr III as the main characters, received attention for the powerful acting skills and solid storytelling and was shortlisted in three Categories - Mini-Series Program Prize in the Program Category, Actress Prize (Elle Fanning) and Screenwriter prize (Tony McNamara). In particular, Elle Fanning, who was highly anticipated at the casting even before the kick-off of the work, has been praised for meticulously portraying the role of 'Catherine' married to the Russian emperor.


Meanwhile, the final programs and individuals nominees of the 16th Seoul International Drama Awards will be revealed at 10 am on 10 September at the online showcase of BCWW.