[PRESS RELEASE] Seoul International Drama Awards 2021 To Host ‘Drama Reaction Contest’

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  • 2021-10-08
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Seoul International Drama Awards 2021 To Host Drama Reaction Contest 

- Selecting drama reaction videos delivering amusing responses in various ways such as dubs, subtitles or reactions

- The submitted videos will be played in relays at the drama media tower: the winning team will get the prize


텍스트, 액세서리이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명 

Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee (Chairman, Sung Jae Park) announced to host a 'Drama Reaction Contest' until the 20th of this month.


The contest selects and awards videos that demonstrate reactions in novel and entertaining, various ways, such as dubbing, subtitles, reaction, voice action and reviewing, as a response to the trailer of the nominations for the SDA 2021.


Submitting a self-made video creation and application form to Google Forms notified in the notification at the SDA homepage by 18.00 on 20 October Wednesday will apply to the event. There is no restriction on language use. However, a video must include Korean or English subtitles.


The submissions will go through an audit and be uploaded to the SDA official YouTube channel. The top three videos that receive the most 'likes' will be awarded KRW 1M (1 team), 500K (2 teams) and 200K (5 teams), respectably. The announcement of the winner is scheduled for 5 November.


The contest entries will make appearances in relays at the drama media tower, which will be set at Sangam MBC plaza during the awards.


The 16th SDA will take place at Sangam Open Hall of MBC on 21 October Thursday and broadcast live at MBC.