[PRESS RELEASE] Seoul International Drama Awards 2021 Selects 'Eun Bin Park' and 'Eun Woo Cha' as MCs

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  • 2021-10-14
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Seoul International Drama Awards 2021 Selects 'Eun Bin Park' and 'Eun Woo Cha' as MCs


- Actress 'Eun Bin Park' and an idol group ASTRO member 'Eun Woo Cha' will emcee the awards ceremony

- Seoul International Drama Awards 2021 is to be held on Thursday, the 21st.

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The Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee announced that they selected actress 'Eun Bin Park' and ASTRO member and actor 'Eun Woo Cha' as MCs for the 16th Seoul Drama Awards. 

Actress 'Eun Bin Park' is rising as a drama box-office heroine with her performance demonstrated through every drama role she played including 'Age of Youth', 'Hot Stove League', 'Do You Like Brahms?' and recently aired ‘The King’s Affection’ - in addition to her multicoloured graces. She once delivered a winner speech at the SDA ceremony online last year as the protagonist of Hot Stove League, which received the Outstanding Korean Drama Prize.


'Eun Woo Cha,' a thriving personage as an idol group ASTRO member and actor is not only has established himself as a promising actor as he continues his acting career as in 'True Beauty,' 'Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryeong' and 'My ID is Gangnam Beauty.' He is also making appearances in diverse variety shows manifesting his unique sense of humour.


'Eun Bin Park' who is being loved by her graceful and vibrant energy and the unparalleled all-around entertainer 'Eun Woo Cha' are building up anticipation of the fans who are expecting to witness the chemistry they will present at the SDA 2021.


As Seoul International Drama Awards is being held as an international drama festival with a theme of the dramas of the world and the reputation of the Korean contents industry has elevated, this year, in particular, the competition results are grabbing the attention of the global media and fans of the Korean Wave.


The 16th SDA is planning to invite fans to engage with a diversity of events and activities offline and online. 'Drama Street' will be organised 20-22 October at Sangam Culture Square to hold an experience and exhibition zone, drama fashion class, drama reaction contest, the OST Concert and the Drama Talk Concert.