[PRESS RELEASE] Seoul International Drama Awards 2021 Successfully Hosts Drama Talk Concert of <I Told Sunset About You>

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  • 2021-10-22
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Seoul International Drama Awards 2021 Successfully Hosts Drama Talk Concert of <I Told Sunset About You>

- Starred actors visit Korea and communicate with the audience on the 29th online

- The concert shared intriguing stories on the drama and its making through Q&A time with the audience

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Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee (Chairman Sung Jae Park) announced the successful finish of the 'Drama Talk Concert' on <I Told Sunset About You> which was invited as winning International Drama of the Year title in the International Invitation Category of Seoul International Drama Awards 2021.


<I Told Sunset About You> is a teen drama of Thailand that portrays the story of Teh and Oh-aew, a pair of once best friends who have fallen out over a small misunderstanding, are anguishing over friendship and love after they coincidentally came across at a Chinese language school.


While the series has been selected as the International Drama of the Year of SDA, the team arranged to visit Korea for the Drama Talk Concert to meet and communicate with the international audiences on the 20th.


The leading actors, 'PP-Krit Amnuaydechkorn' and Billkin-Putthipong Assaratanaku and a support role actor 'Khunpol-Pongpol Panyamit' were present at the spot in Korea, and the director Naruebet Kuno showed up online. Critic Seon-Young Kim hosted the concert.


The concert conveyed diverse stories, the drama work and the behind stories of shooting, as the actors and the director took a look at some of the remarkable scenes of the work. It offered an entertaining and pleasant time for the 50 audiences who virtually attended the concert.


The director 'Naruebet Kuno', who attended the concert online in Thailand, delivered the story behind the drama shooting and greeted the audience. The director said, "Fro m the time I conceived this drama, my focus was on beautifully expressing the relationship between two boys, and for this, it was necessary to shoot against a beautiful background. I decided to film the drama in Phuket because it is an international touristic spot where can serve as the nostalgic backdrop of a hazy first-love story.


"The scene taken in the water in the drama is the most impressive". "It was physically challenging where the shooting lasted fro m 6 in the morning to late in the afternoon, but I thought it was an important scene that expresses the emotion of the character, so PP and I put our best for that sceneBillkin-Putthipong Assaratanaku talked some of the behind stories.


"The underwater shooting with Billkin lasted the strongest impression also for meI was happy to be cast in the drama with my friend Billkin, and I found it special to shoot the film with someone I can trust, another leading role actor 'PP-Krit Amnuaydechkorn' said.


"It is my first drama debut, and I am happy to receive so much love" and I am truly grateful for everyone involved in the SDA 2021 and also for the fans, the sub role cast actor 'Khunpol-Pongpol Panyamit' commented.


Seoul International Drama Awards will take place at Sangam MBC Open Hall on Thursday 21 October 2021, the ceremony will be broadcast live on MBC and the official YouTube channel of SDA. Drama Street offers various programs, including drama exhibition & experience zone, Drama Fashion Class and Drama Reaction Contest, at Sangam Cultural Square during the awards, Wednesday 20 - Friday 22 October.