[PRESS RELEASE] Seoul Drama Awards Orgnizing Committee to Make_Digital NFT Trophy_for SDA2021

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  • 2021-11-15
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Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee to Make ‘Digital NFT Trophy’ for SDA 2021: First Time for the Korean Awards

-     Trophies to permanently preserve the spectacular moments of the SDA 2021

-     Trophies to be auctioned off via the Pikkle App and CCCV from Wednesday the 10th November


The Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee (Chairman Sung Jae Park) has announced their intention to create digital NFT trophies(NFT: Non-Fungible Token) for the Seoul International Drama Awards 2021, setting a new precedent in the Korean awards industry.


The SDA 2021 NFT trophies will capture all the spectacular moments of the awards ceremony in video form, incorporating Blockchain NFT technology to prevent forgery and ensure permanent preservation.


The aim of these digital trophies is to share the excitement from the ceremony with fans around the globe who were unable to attend the ceremony in person, particularly due to COVID-19 restrictions.


The NFT trophies for 11 of the SDA 2021 programs will be created: Grand Prize 'Missing Child'; Serial Drama Golden Bird Prize 'The Penthouse: War in Life'; Best Actor 'Hyuk Kwon Park'; Excellent Korean Drama of the Year 'Vincenzo' and Outstanding Korean Drama OST 'Young Tak'.


For one week, from 12 pm Wednesday 10th November to Tuesday 16th, every global drama fan will be able to participate in an auction of the NFTs via the Pikkle App or CCCV. A portion of the profit will be donated to various organisations under the name of the stars and their fan clubs.


An official of SDAOC said, "This year’s awards trophies have been created in the form of  

unchanging, digital NFTs as a way of permanently storing and preserving the memories of the spectacular moments of the SDA 2021", and "I hope the trophies will help to alleviate the disappointment of the fans who were unable to participate in the ceremony due to COVID-19. We look forward to sharing the excitement from the ceremony with drama fans all around the world".