[PRESS RELEASE] Seoul International Drama Awards 2023, Announcement of Nominees

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  • 2023-06-28
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Seoul International Drama Awards 2023,

Announcement of Nominees

Nominees of total 24 series and 29 candidates in the International Competition

 Michael Chiklis, Anna Schudt and Yifei Liu are nominated to Best Actor and Actress

[Press Release: 2023-06-28] 

The Nominees for Seoul International Drama Awards 2023, which is the global drama festival of great renown, have been selected.

Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee(Chairman: Eui-Chul Kim) finalized a preliminary screening on 344 works from 44 countries/regions submitted to the International Competition. As a result, total 24 series and 29 candidates were nominated through fierce competition.

△In Program Category, 8 pieces from TV Movie such as <Accused: Scott’s Story> from U.SA, <Song of Four Seasons> from Hong Kong and <Belascoarán PI> from Mexico, which is also known as the Mexican version of Sherlock Holmes are nominated. For Miniseries, 8 pieces such as <1985> from Belgium, <Reborn Rich> from South Korea are nominated. For Series, 8 pieces including <The Oath S2> from Greece, who participated in SDA for the first time this year, <Till the End of the Moon> by YOUKU from China will compete in the final screening.


△In Individual Category, total 9 directors(or team) will compete for the Best Director. Norwegian director Atle Knudsen, who won the 5th Cannes International Series Festival, is nominated for <Afterglow> and French director, Stéphanie Murat is also nominated for <The Fragile Colossus>.

△For the Best Screenwriter, total 8 screenwriters(or team) will compete in the final. Nima Javidi is nominated for <The Actor>, which is the Iranian drama about uncelebrated actors who want to continue their acting career. Also, Korean screenwriter Chan-young Lee of <Babel Syndrome> is nominated, which is a story about a world where the brain’s language function is paralyzed by a virus infection.

For the Best Actress, Korean actress Suzy is drawing keen attention of jurors. She received favorable reviews for her performance in <Anna>. Also, other actresses including Anna Schudt who won the 46th International Emmy Award for Best Actress, and Chinese actress Yifei Liu, also well known for the main actress of the film <Mulan> are nominated. For the Best Actor, actors including Michael Chiklis, who won the 55th Primetime Emmy Awards for Best Actor and is famous for the film <Fantastic 4>, and French actor Eric Cantona who is also most known for his skill on the soccer field that brought him to the EPL Hall of Fame, are nominated. 

Remarkably, as <A Dream of Splendor>, <Act Like You're Asleep>, <Afterglow> and <The Fragile Colossus> are nominated in four categories, and receive attention of whether they can be honored with four crowns. Moreover, attention is given to ERT S.A. from Greece and Tencent Video from China as they participated for the first time and selected for the final.

The winners of the Seoul International Drama Awards 2023 will be presented at the Awards Ceremony and it will be broadcasted live at KBS2TV on September 21st, Thursday. Besides the International Competition, Outstanding Asian Stars from six countries(regions), and more winners are going to be announced. In addition to the main ceremony, various side events with celebrities such as Drama Talk Concert, O.S.T Concert and Screening will be held at Banpo Hangang Park from September 20(Wed) to September 22(Fri).

Seoul International Drama Awards is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Seoul Metropolitan Government, KBS, MBC, SBS, EBS and CBS.