[PRESS RELEASE] Winners Announced for SDA 2023

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  • 2023-09-06
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Winners Announced for 

Seoul International Drama Awards 2023

 Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee (SDAOC) announced the winners in three categories: International Competition, International Invitation and Korean Drama Competition.

Celebrities and the industry experts from U.K., France, Greece, South Korea, China, Mexico, Philippines and Thailand are gathering in Seoul on September 21(THU) for the ceremony.

Grand Prize & Golden Bird Prize will be announced at the day of awards ceremony 

[Press Release: 2023-09-06] 

Winners for the 18th Seoul International Drama Awards (SDA) were announced on September 6th from Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee (SDAOC), recognizing extraordinary programming and performances across multiple platforms.


There are 344 entries from 44 countries (or regions) submitted and it marked the highest participation in SDA history. Among them only 12 winners from the International Competition category are chosen by the jurors.


△The Best TV Movie award goes to <Mayflies> from U.K., which is a story that a terminally ill man spends last moments of his life with his best friend by sharing a true friendship, and <Belascoarán PI> from Mexico, which is well known as the Mexican version of Sherlock Holmes. △Korean drama <Reborn Rich>, a story of a millionaire’s secretary man who is reborn as the youngest son of the millionaire will win Best Miniseries, and one more trophy goes to <The Long Season> from China. This story unfolds when a taxi driver, who has been devoted himself to his family, accidentally goes into the grove of birch trees. △Chinese drama also won the Best TV Series. <Meet yourself> starring Yifei Liu will receive the award, and another one goes to <Act Like You're Asleep> from Greece, a story that shows social absurdity through "Nicholas," a teacher whose life collapsed unexpectedly.


Stéphanie Murat and Aude Marcle of <The Fragile Colossus> from France each win Best Director and Best Screenwriter. Nima Javidi of the Iranian drama <The Actor>, which depicts the lives of unfamous actors, is also the winner of Best Screenwriter. Best Actor goes to Wei Fan from <The Long Season>. He fully expresses the emotions of the father who devoted himself to his family. Norwegian Actress Nina Ellen Ødegård from <Afterglow> and Korean Actress Suzy from <ANNA> are the Best Actress of this year. Suzy is perfectly immersed in the character of Yumi in <ANNA>, who lives a lie for success with her vain desire.


7 winners from the International Invitation Category are announced. △For Special Prize, in honor of the spirit of humanity, SDAOC selects Norwegian drama <Cammo> as the best program of 2023 dealing with social issues. <Cammo> is a story of a social media influencer who gets a job as a private secretary of a woman with Down syndrome, and their friendship. △Kathryn Bernardo, Filipino actress, model, and endorser as well, will attend the ceremony to receive Outstanding Asian Star. Gun Atthaphan Phunsawat, Thai actor of <Midnight Museum> also visits Seoul to receive the prize. He had a few fan meetings in South Korea for three times already.


Also, winners of Korean Drama Competition are announced. For △Outstanding Korean Drama, <The Glory> and <Extraordinary Attorney Woo> are winners. Both make a great success in the global drama market and show the popularity of K-dramas. For △Outstanding Korean Actor, Sung Min Lee who catches the eye with his immersive acting in <Reborn Rich> will be awarded. For Outstanding Korean Drama O.S.T, Singer Ho Joong Kim, who sings the O.S.T of KBS <Three Bold Siblings>-Meet You Among Them, will be honored with the award.


In addition to <The Fragile Colossus>, programs with multiple wins this year include <The Long Season>, <Reborn Rich> and <Extraordinary Attorney Woo>. Grand prize in International Competition and Golden Bird Prize in International Invitation will be announced at the day of awards ceremony. Golden Bird Prize is a new award selected by SDAOC itself and it is given to one of the most successful series that leads the industry of the year.


SDA 2023 awards ceremony will be held at KBS Hall at 6 p.m. on September 21 (Thursday). It will be broadcast live on KBS 2TV and through SDA official Youtube channel as well. Seoul International Drama Awards, which has grown into a worldwide drama festival since 2006, is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Seoul Metropolitan Government, KBS, MBC, SBS, EBS and CBS.



Attachment: SDA 2023 The List of Winners