About SDA


  • Increased interaction among TV drama production professionals

    The one and only festival that brings global
    TV drama productions together and fosters cultural diversity

    Seoul International Drama Awards is a festival that brings together all professionals in the field of TV drama production and media industry and global audiences who enjoy television dramas.
     Organized by Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee and Korean Broadcasters Association, Seoul International Drama Awards is striving to achieve the following goals: continuous development of the Korean Wave, promotion of healthy participation in festivals and vitalization of tourism in Seoul.

Seoul International Drama Awards 2022
Sep. ~ Oct. 2022 (Scheduled)
  • Receive application for review ‘International Competition’
  • Review of preliminary and finals for selection of award categories
  • Awards Ceremony
  • Additional Events(Drama Original Soundtrack Concert, Drama Screening etc.)
Awards Category
International Competition, International Invitation, Best Korean Drama of the Year
Online Screening
Sep. ~ Oct. 2022 (Scheduled) / wavve(OTT) Special Screening
Drama Street
Sep. ~ Oct. 2022 (Scheduled) / Seoul
Public Screening
Sep. ~ Oct. 2022 (Scheduled) / Seoul
Drama OST Concert
Sep. ~ Oct. 2022 (Scheduled) / Seoul
Seoul International Drama Awards Organizing Committee, Korean Broadcasters Association
Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Seoul Metropolitan Government, KBS, MBC, SBS, EBS, Korea Drama Production
Association, Korea TV & Radio Writers Association